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For our older folks there has never been a better time in life to reap the rewards of being computer savvy. Overall, internet usage among the elderly has rapidly increased over the years, including being actively involved in social media networks such as Facebook. There is a lot of evidence being built up that getting seniors acquainted with the internet can have several physical and mental health benefits.

One of the very important reasons to familiarise yourself and keep pace with the innovative technology being constantly developed would be to gain the ability to obtain massive amounts of information, entertainment and social interaction, all available at your finger tips. It is also understood that seniors who keep up to date with the internet can produce a positive impact on key areas of life.

With so much in its favour, Team RetyrSmart believes that our visitors and members would be keen to know more about how best to use technology. And would be doing its best, to provide inputs and points of view on using technology more efficiently.


    Check out ways to increase productivity while using Gmail

    Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers which means many of you are already using Gmail. Given our dependence on email these days, we are sure most of us are heavy users of Gmail. And would definitely benefit from these lesser known hacks that could boost your productivity while using Gmail. The article below takes you through a series of hacks that you will find interesting and useful. ..... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    You can do so much more with Google Maps

    Most of us with smartphones would have been using Google Maps extensively in our daily lives to find our way around the city and for longer distance travel. Google Maps has really changed the way we travel. But as this article will tell you, there is much more you can do with Google Maps than just finding directions..... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Check out the truth against the many phone battery myths

    The battery is such an important part of our cell phones that a lot of time and energy is spent in worrying about it. That has led to a lot of myths which have been going around the block. While the source of those myths is difficult to trace, its useful to know the actual truths against those myths. The article below does just that.  ..... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Be careful about these Scams while enjoying time on Facebook - Part 2

    You might use Facebook for watching funny cat videos. Or to connect with friends. Or to seek interesting information. But while you are at it there could be crooks trying to steal your money and information. So it would be good for you to be cautious while spending your time enjoying Facebook. The article below alerts you to what you should be careful about. Here's Part 2.... . ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Be careful about these Scams while enjoying time on Facebook - Part 1

    You might use Facebook for watching funny cat videos. Or to connect with friends. Or to seek interesting information. But while you are at it there could be crooks trying to steal your money and information. So it would be good for you to be cautious while spending your time enjoying Facebook. The article below alerts you to what you should be careful about. Here's Part 1... . ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Modern gadgets and technology could make you sick

    Modern gadgets make life a breeze - until they don't. With a lot of time being spent online, on computers, on smart phones, the risk of creating problems for yourselves is definitely increasing. The article below highlights some more common afflictions coming out of this currently common lifestyle.. . ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 things not to miss while buying a smartphone online

     It's that time of the year when e-commerce brands will have their their annual mega sales. One of the most sought-after products in these sales by Amazon, Flipkart etc are smartphones. With e-commerce websites offering lucrative discounts, buybacks and exchange offers that buyers would otherwise not get while shopping from brick-and-mortar stores. So, if you are looking forward to buy a new smartphone from e-commerce websites, here are 10 things you should keep in mind. . ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Now buy insurance to protect yourself from cyber frauds

    You like the convenience of online financial transactions but are wary of the risks? You can now buy insurance to protect yourself from cyber frauds. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and HDFC ERGO are offering such covers. ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    What to never do and what to always do on Facebook

    Facebook is an easy way to stay in touch with the old high school gang, share funny photos from your family vacation and wish your wide circle of friends a happy birthday without springing for a stamp. But there's a downside, too: When you're sitting behind a computer screen, it's easy to mishandle conversations on social media and forget that you're talking to a huge audience. The article below helps you navigate the unwritten norms of social media interaction better. More specifically what to
    . .. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 Meditation Apps to Help You Find Your Peace

    There's plenty of anecdotal evidence that meditation works… but, thanks in part to researchers from Johns Hopkins University, there's also scientific evidence for the practice itself. In conclusion: Mindfulness meditation programs could help improve levels of anxiety, depression and pain. Looking to get in touch with your inner zen but don't know where to begin? Check out five of the best meditation apps to try as presented. .. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Your smartphone knows a lot about you

    With passcodes, passwords, and location tracking, smartphones collect hoards of data on users. Here's what you should know about everything they know. (Hint: It might be time to change some privacy settings.) This is what this article is all about. Read and learn and act as necessary....... . . ...Read More


    Making your smartphone's battery last longer

    Smartphone's have become such an important part of our lives. Losing its availability even for the shortest of times can be rather inconvenient. One of the occupational hazards of the high use of and need for smartphone's is the battery getting drained and restricting your smartphone usage. Here are some tips to follow that will make your smartphone's battery last longer...... . . ...Read More


    7 Things That Android Users Can Do That iOS Users Can't

    ts over the years become a classic rivalry. iPhone users swear by their iOS system. Android users are becoming increasingly possessive about their system. Here in a slight departure from the usual script, the article is about Advantage Android..... . . ...Read More


    How to avoid Topics on Facebook that You don't want to see

    It may sound strange, but there are at times trending topics on Facebook you don’t want anything to do with it. It could be due to any number of reasons. Even though you want feeds on all other topics to come through. The article below helps you understand how you puts such topics on hold as per your convenience..... . . ...Read More


    Smart hacks to make your Whatsapp experience more effective and save time

    One of the most popular messaging apps in the world and especially in India. It is particularly popular among the older people for staying in touch with and being updated about happenings with family and friends. Given the amount of time spent on Whatsapp, any tricks to improve the quality of messages or save time would be very welcome.Check out some of the hacks in the article given below.... . . ...Read More


    Suffering from ‘digital eye strain’? How to recognise and deal with it

    Between pleasure and necessity, most of us are spending long hours each day in from of a screen. The article below helps you recognise eye strain caused by screens and helps you understand actions you can take to help you deal with it.... ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Five Things To Do When Planning For Your Digital Death

    This article below forces you to think beyond your traditional will that will leave behind. With the digital world holding such an influence over our lives these days whether they be transaction oriented or social media driven, it may be important for us to leave behind a neat record of our typical digital destinations and their access thereof.... ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    How to check and set your basic Facebook privacy settings

    Data leaks! Privacy! Personal information! These words and thoughts keep coming up very frequently these days. Facebook which has been in the eye of the storm in recent days is one of the most popular social media which many of us are frequent users of. The article below tells you how to check set your privacy settings on Facebook... ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Risk of fake products while shopping online. What should you do?

    Nowadays many of us spend a lot of time and money on online shopping. While its convenient and comes at attractive price points, there are definitely a few risks we should be aware of. The article below helps you understand them better as well as how to deal with them.. ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Make your WhatsApp usage more exciting with these tricks

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps globally now. Its even more popular in India. By all accounts it seems that older folks have taken to this messaging app in a big way. Given the amount of time that such older folks are spending on WhatsApp, its useful to learn a few hacks, a few short cuts that will make your WhatsApp usage more efficient. The 14 tricks listed outin the article below is a must read for all WhatsApp users.. ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    4 things to know about oral health as you age

    Dental health is important at all ages, but it can decline as you get older. Even with vigilant dental care as a child and an adult, problems can emerge later in life. Tooth sensitivity and tooth loss are not just a fact of life as you age. From oral health issues to prevention measures, here are four things to know about dental health. ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Concerned about privacy online? Some tips on how to minimise online tracking

    Though Facebook gets the attention because of a recent privacy gaffe, the social network is far from alone in collecting massive amounts of data on you to help marketers sell you stuff.

    Google, for one, also does extensive tracking to power its advertising engines. And many other websites and apps run ads sold by Facebook and Google and exchange data with them. Beyond that, plenty of services including Uber and Amazon keep detailed histories on you... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Find out if your everyday habits while using technology is Fact or Myth ?

    Even older people today are using so much of of technology to communicate, for easing day to day chores, for entertainment etc. But technology an area where older people tend to feel a bit challenged, even as the pace of growth in technology goes up at an ever increasing rate. In such a situation, we have many myths in technology that we sincerely believe in. Team RetyrSmart vide the article below would like you to re-examine many of your beliefs regarding technology.. . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    WhatsApp is no more just your Chat platform, it’s your Bank too!

    All of us would have used WhatsApp to chat with friends and family, stay in touch with your network, share pictures and experiences and more. For many of us, WhatsApp is a very important part of our daily routine. Now WhatsApp is all set to play an even bigger role in our lives in INDIA by becoming a bank too for making digital payments to our contacts. Team RetyrSmart hopes our readers would use this new facility well and would urge them to be sure to be safe while transacting though this new platform. Don’t give out details unnecessarily and start by trying out with small amounts.. . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Do you know where your Aadhaar has been used? This is how you can find out

    Do you know you can find out when and where your Aadhaar card was used for authentication? Since Aadhaar is used for authentication to avail of several services, you might be worried about its misuse. The website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the body that manages Aadhaar, has the provision of checking where and when your Aadhaar was used. . . ...Read More