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We are very happy to see you on This is a website dedicated to enriching the lives our fellow Indians who

* Have started thinking of retirement
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* Have just recently retired
* Have been retired for a while

Retirement is a fact of life for anybody employed in the organised sector. And for their spouses as well. However most of us are not quite prepared for it when it does happen and even after easing into retirement are quite at a loss as to how to make retirement more fulfilling.

Retirement comes at the end of long years of hard and dedicated work but more often than not, we are faced with certain challenges at this juncture:

* Loneliness and lack of relevance – after many years there is no defined activity, maybe the children have left home to study or work,
* support from the workplace available earlier is lost
* Plan to live longer (believe us ,it is a challenge!) – which means longer periods for which finances as well as health have to be managed
* A lot of time on one’s hand – which needs to be translated into activities

The Good News is that is here to help you overcome your challenges and help lead enriching and fulfilling retired life. is committed to providing its users/members with:

News, Knowledge and Advice regarding most relevant topics covering * Retirement and Work
* Healthcare
* Financial management
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* Sharing experiences
* Exploring post retirement work opportunities
* Pursuing hobbies

Platform for providing members with benefits on products and services

* Discounts
* Specially designed features
* Exclusive offerings

So on you will see relevant and useful articles from across the world, hear from experts on managing the most important aspects of retirement, ideas and more on how to better manage finances, health & leisure, advice columns, networking opportunities for work & leisure and more. Everything that will go a long way in improving your Quality of Life.

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