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In today's world, health, has at last got its deserved place, right up in the forefront. And it comes even more into focus when we grow older as more and more challenges come up. Brought on by our hectic and often indulgent lifestyles as well as the increased pollution in our environment.

At Retyrsmart, our aim is to bring to you viewpoints and counter viewpoints about common and not so common ailments/diseases, their management, their prevention etc. And therapies and alternative therapies. And thoughts on non-medical responses like Yoga, meditation etc. And more.

In this section you will find articles and blogs regarding Health published on our site since the beginning.

Healthy Reading !!

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    Use cumin seeds (jeera) to burn fat and help weight loss

    Cumin, also known as 'jeera' in the Indian subcontinent, is an ancient seed that has been prized for more than 3000 years. Ayurveda holds this spice in high regards and uses it for treating a host of health disorders including burning of excess fat. If you haven't used it yet, it may be worth your while to try this basic kitchen ingredient to help you with your weight and fat loss efforts.  ..  . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Does buying an Air Fryer make sense for you?

    With all of us turning towards a healthier lifestyle, eating more sensibly has become priority. But we don’t want to lose many of the tastes and experiences that we have been used to. Its in this context that the option of brining in an Air Fryer into your kitchen comes in. Should we or should we not is the question? The article below tries to answer a few questions which will help tell you if an Air Fryer is for you or not. ..  . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Enjoy tropical fruits and reap great health benefits

    The article below is focussed on something you already knew. That fruits are good for your health. Which of the tropical fruits that you see in your markets help you in what way is what makes the article more useful to you. It can help you add certain fruits to your diet which you otherwise have been ignoring. ..  . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Apple Cider Vinegar -- Health Benefits

    Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV as its popularly known seems to be getting into more and more people's diet. That's because of the belief in its ability too provide multiple health benefits that help with our overall well-being. Time to take a look at what nutritionists see in ACV as given in the article below..  . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    How to keep your liver healthy and help it heal

    Our liver is one of the largest internal organs and is hard working organ that helps in a number of critical functions. With our current lifestyle its inevitable that we are making the liver work even harder making it vulnerable to a break down. Fortunately, the liver is a forgiving organ and up to some level of damage, its possible to reverse the damage. The article below helps you better understand what you should do (and should not do ) to keep your liver healthy.  . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Condiments & spices provide number of health benefits

    Spices have long been an integral part of staple human diets, especially in India, where the tradition of using them started in the ancient ages. Modern medical science has proved that there is a whole host of benefits attached to this practice Hence, add spices in generous quantities to your diet to spice up the rest of your life as well! That's the essential message of the article below.  . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Getting Enough Protein May Be the Key to Healthy Aging

    As you age, protein plays an increasingly vital role in protecting your health. As an older person you need to understand how proteins really help you and how much of protein is ideally required and where can you get that from. The article below helps you with a good understanding of that. . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Follow these simple tips to protect your hearing

    As we grow older, some of us have started to feel that our hearing is weakening. It doesn’t have to be so for everyone. If you have not felt your hearing levels dropping, yet its great. You must now follow some good practices that can help you safeguard your hearing. An ENT specialist lists out a few simple tips to follow in the article below. Happy hearing. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Iron and good health - know more about it

    While Iron is a very key ingredient to good health, it usually flies under the radar. Not many people understand or recognise the important role Iron plays in our well. We often get to know about Iron and health only in its absence. In this rather brief article the doctor sets out what is the importance of Iron for our good health and what to include in our diet that are good sources of Iron. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Don't let diminished energy levels affect you as you age

    One of things we worry about most as we grow older is the diminished energy. We tend to assume it's a natural part of growing older and work our activities around this situation. Instead of trying to find ways to grow and maintain our energy levels which would life more exciting, even as we are aging. In the article below the author lists out simple methods that you can explore to improve your energy levels and maintain it as well. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Check out the vegetables that can help keep you young

    You have done your time telling the young ones in your life about the myriad benefits of eating vegetables. But now its your time to focus on certain vegetables. As you grow older its good to know about the vegetables that can help keep you young. Check out the vegetables mentioned in the article below and see if you could include them in your diet on a regular basis. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Supercharge your immune system with these vegetables

    Your immune system is working hard throughout trying protect you from the attacks that you face all the time. It weakens sometimes and that puts you at risk. Especially as you grow older. While medicines can help, its advisable to maybe add a few vegetables into your diet on a regular basis to strengthen your immune system.. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Do Statins really benefit you ?

    As we grow older many of us find ourselves to be taking statins in some form or the other on a daily basis. Does our medical condition need really statins or should we be concerned about the side effects coming from long term use of statins. The good doctor here provides some useful technical information even though there is no conclusive evidence .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Strong feet so important for healthy aging

    It may come as a surprise to most people that our feet can be such an important part of our overall well-being. This article explains the reasons for that and urges you to look after your feet, much more than you have been doing already .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Ajwain Water -- How it can help you

    A very low profile seed known as Ajwain or Carom seed has shown to have immense beneficial properties helping in conditions ranging from acidity to kidney & liver functions. The article below lists out the wide ranging benefits of consuming ajwain.  .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Almonds as a healthy snacking option

    While one may be following a healthy meal routine, intermittent snacking too becomes important in the long run. Here's some good reasons to make almonds your healthy snacking option. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Small changes to help you lose weight -- Part 2

    Most of us have been trying to lose weight some time or the other. But more often than not we tend to get overwhelmed by the big changes to be made to our diet and eating habits. However, if we were to deal a number of small changes we might find ourselves more comfortable pursuing a weight loss programme. Here is the concluding part of the two part article on such changes that can help you... .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Small changes to help you lose weight -- Part 1

    Most of us have been trying to lose weight some time or the other. But more often than not we tend to get overwhelmed by the big changes to be made to our diet and eating habits. However, if we were to deal a number of small changes we might find ourselves more comfortable pursuing a weight loss programme. Here is Part 1 of a two part article on such changes that can help you.. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 very healthy snacks to your weight loss efforts

    Having some healthy snack options on hand can be helpful especially when you get too busy to prepare and eat a healthy meal. Here are five delicious and healthy Indian snack recipes that will boost your weight loss and fight that stubborn belly fat. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Vitamin B12 and the benefits it provides

    There are any number of benefits of Vitamin B 12. From helping your body grow to production of new cell to affecting mood and energy levels. Read more in detail about what Vitamin B 12 does for you. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Look out for these early signs of Alzheimer's

    Experts are suggesting that alterations in the brain begin maybe even 10 years before the actual onset of Alzheimer's disease. And with drugs getting available to decrease the production of amyloid beta, it becomes very critical to spot early signs. Watch out for these early signs of Alzheimer's disease, is what the author is recommending. .. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Ginger -- taste and health benefits in one

    So commonly found in Chinese and Indian cuisine, Ginger seems to be powerhouse of health benefits. A dietician focussing on anti-aging puts out the various benefits of ginger and you would be surprised what all it can do for you.. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Foods that give you suitable nutrients as you grow in years

    It's a fact that as you get older your metabolism changes. In the the article below the author through some discussions with dietitians shares some foods that you will find useful as you are aging. Balanced diet is key and its important to include, in your diet, foods that contain the nutrients your body requires. . . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    More than just a flavour, Cinnamon has many health benefits

    We are all familiar with cinnamon being sweet and warming. And adding a tasty flavour to various foods, especially desserts. But ist more than that according to the article below which sheds light on its various health and nutritional benefits. . .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Best foods for brain health and memory

    The benefits of including plenty of protein in your diet goes beyond hitting your weight loss goals. As well as boosting your metabolism and reducing appetite, protein is essential for promoting muscle growth and repair. Read more from this author who shares details of sources of good quality protein. .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Healthy food choices to top-up your daily protein needs

    The benefits of including plenty of protein in your diet goes beyond hitting your weight loss goals. As well as boosting your metabolism and reducing appetite, protein is essential for promoting muscle growth and repair. Read more from this author who shares details of sources of good quality protein. .. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away

    This crunchy fruit is as good for you as you've always been told -- maybe better. You've heard the old "apple a day" expression. The original has been traced back to 1866 and was: "Eat an apple on going to bed, and you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread." Science seems to be backing up this old idea up. The author builds on that with a list of the actual benefits of eating apples... . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Ways of Coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis can make your life hell. Unfortunately, with this autoimmune disease, pain isn't the only concern. Research shows that rheumatoid arthritis patients are more prone to depression than the general population. But with the right approach you can reduce most of its effects and live an enjoyable life. The article below shows you a few ways to cope with rheumatoid arthritis.. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Traditional plant-based Superfoods to keep you healthy

    The dual problem facing us today is the co-existence of obesity along with malnutrition. Yes they can both afflict us together. Meaning an overweight (or even a optimum weight person) can be severely malnourished and suffering from acute mineral and vitamin deficiencies. There are some traditional plant-based superfoods on the list that are not just high in micronutrients and antioxidants, but also actually help improve absorption of other nutrients too. Double bonus there! Here's a primer on the plants and herbs that have made it to this superfoods list and what they deliver. . .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Beat stress with these Ayurvedic therapies

    Stress has become a common problem in day to day life for a lot of people. Too much stress can result in premature aging and accumulation of free radicals within the body. Stress can also cause premature hair fall, wrinkles, exhaustion and frequent frustration. Ayurvedic therapies can counter stress and combat its physical toll on the body. Here is a list of few easy-to-follow Ayurvedic therapy techniques, which according to the author, an Ayurvedic Doctor, which are extremely effective against stress. .... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Natural remedies to heal cracked and painful heels

    Cracked heels is a sign of negligence that we must not ignore as it can lead to peeling of skin, itching, achy feet and even bleeding if not dealt with on time. The article below presents natural remedies to cure cracked heels and attain soft, perfect heels that you deserve.... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    How iron deficiency affects your life

    Latest statistics from Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that about 9% women suffer from a deficiency of iron. Though the proportion is relatively low, iron deficiency can lead to various diseases, which can be very difficult to cure. So, look out for these tell-tale signs of iron deficiency and check whether you suffer from any of them. The article below lists out the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency... .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Reasons to eat Walnuts regularly

    The Public Provident Fund is an attractive investment instrument which can be used to secure financial future by salaried as well as self-employed persons. Read more about PPF in the article below.. .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Diabetes: How Spinach Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

    What is it that makes spinach a great vegetable for managing blood sugar levels and control diabetes and how to use it best to ensure it keeps your healthy? Read on to find out how this could help you, if you are diabetic or a family member is. .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Habits you can follow for Healthy Kidneys

    Without healthy kidneys, you could not be healthy. So, it's time to show them some love by incorporating habits that support healthy kidneys into your life. The article below lists out 9 habits that help build and maintain healthy kidneys. Give it a shot. May be worth it. .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Varied ways in which Apple Cider Vinegar benefits your health

    While the uses for white vinegar are plentiful, apple cider vinegar has arguably even more trusted applications. Its wide-ranging benefits include everything from curing hiccups to alleviating cold symptoms, and some people have turned to apple cider vinegar to help with health concerns including diabetes, cancer, heart problems, high cholesterol, and weight issues. The article gives even more reasons to keep apple cider vinegar handy in your pantry. .... ..... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Keep your liver healthy with these habits

    With over 500 functions to perform, your liver is one of the most overworked organs in your body. So, it is imperative to support your liver with its many functions to ensure a great liver and overall health. The article below shares the 10 simple things you can do today to give your liver a boost..  . .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Seven foods to add to your diet to lower blood pressure

    HIGH BLOOD pressure can be caused by following a poor diet and eating too much salt. However, blood pressure can be lowered by making changes to your diet and eating the right kinds of food. The following article suggests that adding these seven foods to your diet can ensure healthy blood pressure..  . .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    How to keep nutrients intact in food

    Most of the time people are not even aware of the bad habits which can harm their health in several ways. However, we do them persistently without realizing that these habits are actually harming our health and can lead to problems like heart diseases, sleep or eating disorders, stress, etc. See what those bad habits are as listed out by an experienced Doctor in the article below.  . .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Hypertension? Try these 7 Ayurveda based home remedies

    According to Ayurveda, Hypertension sets in the system when pitta (combination of fire and water elements in nature) is vitiated for significant period of time along with the dominance of rajas guna (the principle of restlessness and activity). In other words, a stressful, hectic work life and dietary indiscipline with no rest for the mind and body are significant causes of hypertension. This articles talks about home remedies based on Ayurveda that could help control hypertension. . .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Why Cruciferous Vegetable Should Be On Your Plate

    When it comes to disease-fighting, gut-health-promoting, blood-sugar-regulating, vitamin-packed goodness, there's one group of vegetables you can't beat: cruciferous vegetables. So which vegetables are cruciferous, and what makes them so healthy? Here, we break down everything you need to know about this powerhouse group of vegetables. . .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    6 Astounding Celery Juice Benefits

    There is a new trendy superfood in the headlines, but it is not exotic, like goji or acai. It's plain old celery juice. Who would have thought that celery juice could pack in so many benefits? Read the article below and find out. .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Ashwagandha - The Indian Ginseng!

    Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs and is commonly known as the Indian ginseng. Ashwagandha can be loosely translated to mean the 'strength of ten horses'. It can be used to treat a number of diseases, relieve stress and fatigue, helps heal injuries and may also be used as an aphrodisiac and can help prevent male infertility. Given its versatility this is one herb worth exploring as we get on in years.. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Coconut Water - 9 Good Reasons To Start Drinking It Today!

    Tender coconut water. Feels so refreshing on a warm day. But it's a lot more than a refreshing drink. There are numerous benefits of coconut water as listed out in the article below. Reading them might give you more than one reason to have tender coconut water for more than being a refreshing drink.. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Natural cures for insomnia that actually work

    It's been another sleepless night and now you're miserable. After all, you've tried all the natural insomnia cures you can think of and yet nothing seems to work. Just because you haven't yet found a way to cure your insomnia without medication that doesn't mean you never will. The article below lists out a few natural sleep remedies that you will find easy to follow.. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Hungry all the time? Here are some medical reasons for that

    Just because you're hungry doesn't mean your body needs those calories. The article below explores the medical conditions that may explain why you're hungry all the time.. ........... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Fight Inflammation and Pain with Foods

    Some of the best healing remedies to overcome inflammation also taste fabulous (Can’t say that about any prescription medications). Plus, foods won’t cause the nasty side effects common to most pain medications. That’s the premise of this article which lists out such tasty yet effective foods to fight inflammation and pain.. ........... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Sleep Apnea - 7ways to treat it

    Not sleeping well ? Waking up tired ? Heavy snoring ? Its possible you may have sleep apnea. This article helps you understand sleep apnea better and the possible lines of treatment. ........... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 exercises to improve vision and relieve eye strain

    Do you suffer from eye fatigue and blurry vision? It could be caused by the constant use of smartphones. How do we mitigate the problem? The article below sets out 5 exercises that can protect you from eyesight problems and improve your vision. Try it out and see if it works for you........... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Magnesium And Your Body - Understanding how it works

    We all know about magnesium as a mineral, but what most individuals do not know is the fact that it is a very important mineral for our bodily health. Magnesium is involved with more or less 300 complex metabolic processes in our body, thus earning the title of 'master mineral'. This what we can understand from the article below. Get to know more about magnesium and you.......... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Food, fitness and health in your 60s and beyond

    Over 60? Discovery Vitality shares an article here that encourages youthfulness through a holistic approach to your wellbeing no matter what your age is. Here's your guide to managing your diet, exercise and health......... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 foods to keep your liver healthy, naturally

    Your liver is your largest internal organ, performing more than 500 functions in your body. It is therefore vitally important that you consume the right foods to maintain a healthy liver. The article below makes a case for consuming these foods as a healthy way to keep your liver functioning at its best, naturally. ......... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Iodine Deficiency Symptoms to Watch out For

    Iodine deficiency is a creeping problem worldwide. Many people today aren’t getting enough iodine for many reasons. It’s partly due to the production and quality of food as well as misperceptions about iodine. So if you have any of the iodine deficiency symptoms mentioned in the article below, you should talk to your doctor about getting tested......... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Reasons You Keep Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

    When a bad dream isn't to blame, consider one of these less obvious reasons you can't sleep through the night. Its quite a nuisance when sleep gets broken at night, especially as you get older because it keeps getting more and more difficult to go back to sleep. Just check if any of these could be the reason you are waking up in the middle of the night........ .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Foods that help purify blood naturally

    Your blood is responsible for a lot of things; ranging from transporting oxygen, hormones, sugar, fats and cells to your immune system to cleansing your body system and further keep it moving. This article helps you understand why its important to purify your blood routinely and how to do it with natural foods........ .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Best home remedies for acidity and heartburn

    Acidity or acid reflux is a familiar digestive complaint that most of us choose to ignore unless it causes a lot of pain or discomfort. Some of its most common symptoms are heartburn or a burning pain and regurgitation or bitter-tasting acid in your throat or mouth, bloating, hiccups, weight loss without reason and nausea........ .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    8 healthy seeds to include in your everyday diet plan

    The article below sets out some of the health benefits offered by seeds in our diet. Specifically 8 seeds are discussed and how it could work for you....... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Foods to keep your kidneys healthy

    Kidneys help remove extra water and toxins from the blood. But sadly, most of us take these vital organs for granted, leading to many cases of kidney disease. This article tells you about foods that could help keep your kidneys in better shape...... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Top Healthy-Eating Secrets From Nutritionists (Part 2)

    Here is a buffet of healthy eating tips, or secrets maybe, revealed by nutritionists. Choose the ones that most appeal to you and which you find relevant. This is the concluding part of the two-part article..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Top Healthy-Eating Secrets From Nutritionists (Part 1)

    Here is a buffet of healthy eating tips, or secrets maybe, revealed by nutritionists. Choose the ones that most appeal to you and which you find relevant. This is part 1 of a two-part article.... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Tasty but healthy almond and walnut recipes

    Almonds and walnuts are healthy nuts and a number of us have handful every day. But there may be more interesting ways to consume the nuts feel two celebrity chefs. Check out the recipes in the article below which is based on almonds and walnuts.. .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Want to control diabetes the natural way? Here’s how

    Controlling diabetes, the natural way. Must be quite the dream for most who are suffering from this lifestyle disease. The article below gives us 10 ways, all natural, to keep a check on this common but challenging disease. Best wishes if you do choose to go the natural way. .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Conditions Turmeric Helps Fight

    Today, heart attacks are on the rise everywhere. Blame the modern lifestyle, hectic work schedule or just the destiny. The signs of a heart attack go unnoticed by most of the people making it a regretful event. But, by keeping track on certain signs you can easily know if you are about to get a heart attack and rush with the medication ASAP! Check out what the signs are in the article below.... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Don't ignore these signs. It could be a heart attack coming

    This quite low-profile spice or condiment seems to have many health boosting qualities. Especially in the areas of cancer prevention, pain alleviation, memory boosting etc. Seems like a good spice to bring into your diet on a regular basis..... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Packed with health benefits and nutrition, here are some facts about Sweet Potato

    Sweet potato or Shakarkand as its popularly known as in India, seems to be a nutritionally powerful tuber. A cousin of the omnipresent potato, it packs in a lot more nutrition than the potato but with less of the negatives associated with the potato. So go get some of these healthy, cheap and easily available nutrition bombs.... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    What a Vitamin E Deficiency Means? Good Food Sources of Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is important for our body. Deficiency of Vitamin E may be the cause of a number of ailments. The article below will help you recognise the symptoms of such a deficiency as well help you understand foods that are a good source of Vitamin E... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Importance of Vitamin C and symptoms of deficiency

    Bleeding gums, splitting hair and nose bleeds are all lesser-known symptoms of a Vitamin C deficiency. In the article below experts tell you about its benefits, how it helps in weight loss, and how to identify the symptoms of a Vitamin C deficiency.. . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    7 Things Your Hands Can Say About Your Health

    Like they say the face is the index of the mind, your hands could very well be the index of your health. The article below explores the signs to look for in your hands that may hold some clues your state of well-being. . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Foods with more Vitamin C than Orange ? Check these out

    When you think of vitamin C, your mind probably goes immediately to oranges. But there are actually a multitude of other fruits and vegetables that clock in a much more remarkable amount.

    While the average orange carries a solid 70 mg or so of vitamin C per piece of fruit (just over the recommended daily value of 60 mg), every single one of the other 12 on this list contains more per serving. . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Here’s why your leg cramps while you sleep – and how to treat it

    Have you come awake with a feeling of stiffness in your leg. Most of us would have at some point or another. If you have wondered what it could be, here’s some information that would help you understand that feeling better. .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    What you need to know about Hypertension

    There are more people with hypertension than gets reported as many don’t know that they suffer from hypertension, as it gets picked up often only when some complications arise. Hypertension or High Blood Pressure as its commonly called, is a very prevalent disease, especially among older folks. Here’s a specialist who talks about what Its is and what to do and not to do when faced with this situation. It’s a useful read for those less familiar and works as a reminder for those already familiar. .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Get that spring in your step

    This may not be something new. You must have heard it any number of times before this. But its worth repeating. Regular exercise is good for, especially as you age. The author makes the point about how exercise can lower risks of cardiac diseases as well as help you get a spring in your step. .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    11 Foods That Heal

    Ever so often we realise that food is medicine. That’s why eating the right foods is such an important part to staying healthy and illness free for longer. There are some specific foods that help prevent or manage certain specific illnesses or challenges. The article here takes you through a few such foods that can increase your well being considerable. .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Most exciting mango recipes to make summer so much more fun

    For any of us Mango is equal to Summer and Summer is equal to Mango. Especially for Indians for whom Mango is the king of fruits.This article is for all such from among our readers. Exciting but easy recipes to make mango season more fun. Enjoy. .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    To ghee or not to ghee…that's the question

    Ghee, or clarified butter, is an integral part of Indian cuisine and to some extent in South Asian and Arabic cuisine. Its use in the kitchen can range from being a full fledged cooking medium to that of a flavouring agent. However, given its fat content there are number of concerns health conscious individuals have about its use in daily life. The article below tries to dispel the concerns by highlighting the positives and categorising ghee among the super foods .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Homeopathy: Your health partner for the second innings of your life

    All over the world life expectancy has increased, leading to a sharp rise in the number of elderly people. India has around 100 million elderly at present and the number is expected to increase to 323 million, constituting 20 per cent of the total population, by 2050 .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    15 Don’ts to avoid getting heart disease

    Heart disease kills more people in the United States than any other two diseases combined. Men and women of all ages can be affected, but you’re more at risk the older you get. Wondering how can you avoid getting heart disease? Your doctor’s answers are the best ones out there.. . . . . . . ...Read More


    How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

    We often do not pay attention to the amount of water we drink. But not drinking enough (or too much for that matter) could lead to your body finding it difficult to function properly. Team RetyrSmart would like its readers to check out the optimal quantities of water to drink, as detailed out the author who has a scientific background in water and hydration . . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Ways How Spirulina Can Benefit You

    Though known from ancient times, Spirulina is gaining importance as a food than can cure as well as prevent illnesses. Team RetyrSmart is happy to share the article below that provides a basic description of the what Spirulina is and the documented benefits of this special food. . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Dealing with Gingivitis, the more common gum disease

    We often tend to ignore our dental health till it becomes a bigger problem requiring a lot of money and time to go through with the required treatment. Gingivitis is a common ailment that can be treated effectively in its earlier stages. In this article being shared by Team RetyrSmart, the author tells you more about gingivitis and shares some simple remedies. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Debunking myths associated with Glaucoma and your eyes

    It is a new year, and a lot of us have set new fitness and wellness goals, which likely include more exercise and less junk food. But in setting these goals many of us forget about an easy way to improve our overall health: scheduling routine doctors appointments to help us remain healthy for years to come.

    One of the most overlooked of these routine appointments is an annual comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist. Everyone knows that optometrists can update your vision prescription, but did you know that they can also help detect serious health conditions like glaucoma? . . . . . . ...Read More


    What is incontinence and how to deal with it

    Incontinence or lack of control over your bladder can be rather inconvenient. Typically affects older people, though the incidence among younger people may be increasing. And yes, it affects women much more than men. The author in this article tries to explain what incontinence really is, some common myths associated with it and some natural ways to treat it. Team RetyrSmart would urge our readers to take heed of the author’s advice to consider changes in lifestyle to keep your bladder in good health . . . . . . ...Read More


    Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels In Check With These Foods

    As we get older, managing our blood sugar levels becomes more and more important. Lower levels of blood sugar may be beneficial even for those who are not diabetic. Choice of food can play a big role in keeping blood sugar levels in control. Given this, Team RetyrSmart is happy to share this article which lists out foods that can help keep blood sugar levels in control. . . . . . ...Read More


    5 ways to save your knees and joints

    Let’s get this out of the way: running won’t ruin your knees, no matter what your smug, sedentary co-worker says.

    “There are three large studies that show long-term endurance running doesn’t seem to affect joint health,” says Dr Richard Willy, an assistant professor of physical therapy at East Carolina University in the US. . . . . . ...Read More


    Thyroid disease may be the reason you feel so bad

    Thyroid disease is an under-recognized problem that can profoundly affect your day-to-day life. Getting the right treatment can be so transformative that patients will often say, "I didn't realize how bad I was feeling for all of those years."

    Researchers estimate that thyroid disease affects as many as 10% of adults in the United States. Yet millions of Americans remain undiagnosed. . . . . ...Read More


    10 Healthy Food Trends for 2018

    You might not think of food as something that’s trendy, but food trends are totally a thing, and there are some delicious ones bubbling up for next year. These are the healthy 2018 food trends we’re getting excited about.

    A whole slew of companies put together lists of upcoming food trends each year. For the list below, I looked at predictions from Unilever and Whole Foods and pulled out healthy food predictions. Healthy eating in general is on-trend for 2018, and it’s great to see healthy foods and habits Care2 has been writing about for years hitting the mainstream. . . . . ...Read More


    4 signs you’re not getting enough protein

    Protein doesn’t directly fuel your workouts, but it’s a vital part of every athlete’s diet.

    You need it to help your body produce enzymes and hormones, expedite healing, support your immune system and provide your body with the building blocks for new cells. . . . ...Read More