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One of the most looked forward to aspects of retirement is Leisure and Entertainment. There is more time available to enjoy these pursuits. There are a lot of opportunities available to spend your time.

We at Retyrsmart, will bring you ideas and thoughts on what to do with your free time.

In this section you will find articles and blogs regarding Lifestyle published on our site since the beginning.

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    Powerful tips to improve your listening skills

    Listening is probably one of the most underrated leadership and business skills. We all know listening is a critical component of our work, but not everyone invests the time necessary to become a better listener. We must also realise that listening is an as important skill at home too. Hearing what an individual is communicating involves so much more than what we do with our bodies. Sure, our body language is critical, but it represents one piece, not the whole. Active listening requires several steps as enumerated by the author in the article below.. .. .... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Money saving tips to make your next vacation more pocket friendly

    Its always good to travel on a budget. That way you can squeeze in more travel experiences for yourself. The author of the article below has listed seven easy tips you can follow to get more bang for your buck. Make your vacation more pocket friendly. .. .... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Travel insurance for senior citizens with pre-existing diseases

    Having a pre-existing medical condition doesn't mean that your travel insurance has to be expensive. So, what you need to learn is, if you or any of your family members suffer from a disability or pre-existing medical condition, there are a few things to be aware of when zeroing on travel insurance.. .... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Simple Rules to Follow if You Want to Live to 100

    Sure, your genes have something to do with your life span, but the doctors the author spoke to agreed that simple things can make a big dent in your risk of chronic disease. You won't just live longer-you'll make those (many, many) years count. Check out these simple rules in the article below. .... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Bad Habits That Are Killing You Slowly!

    Most of the time people are not even aware of the bad habits which can harm their health in several ways. However, we do them persistently without realizing that these habits are actually harming our health and can lead to problems like heart diseases, sleep or eating disorders, stress, etc. See what those bad habits are as listed out by an experienced Doctor in the article below. .... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    These 9 methods could help you stop snoring

    There are several causes of snoring - from benign and temporary to serious medical conditions. And being a snorer can result in complications, including daytime drowsiness, high blood pressure and heart conditions. Thankfully, relief is possible for many people. If you're ready to put your noisy breathing to bed, here are nine remedies to help you stop snoring. Try them and see if you can enjoy some snore free sleep in the coming days. All the best.... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 natural foods to rebuild your stamina

    These foods can actually help up your energy levels. No need for any supplements. Just eat these to boost your stamina and feel energetic throughout the day. That’s what the article below has to say to you. See if it works for you... ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Vegetarian foods rich in protein

    You might be a vegetarian by habit or by choice. Either way you might be concerned about how to get your quota of proteins from a vegetarian diet. Most of us are conditioned to believe that only way to get protein is from non-vegetarian food. But it's a fact that there are a number of vegetarian foods that are a good source of protein. The article below takes you through some such good sources of protein.. ..  . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Secret Indian destinations - the enchanting five

    The truth is that there are no "secret destinations," and only your will to explore will lead you to the best. Travel in India has been tried and tested by numerous travellers, and there are still those who would like to find that one destination that is hidden from the public eye. So just check out these "secret" destinations...maybe we will see you in one of these very soon..  . . . . . . ...Read More


    Getting to know yourself

    This is the last post on the "self-care" series that I have been writing this month. You can read the first part on self care here and the second part on finding your own self-care routine here. .. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    6 Must-Visit Spiritual Destinations in India

    India is so full of spiritual destinations that its really difficult to choose a small number of them as must visit destinations. But somebody has done it and here is their selection of the 6 must visit destinations. We wouldn't be surprised if many of you have visited each of these spiritual destinations already.. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Natural cures for insomnia that actually work

    It's been another sleepless night and now you're miserable. After all, you've tried all the natural insomnia cures you can think of and yet nothing seems to work. Just because you haven't yet found a way to cure your insomnia without medication that doesn't mean you never will. The article below lists out a few natural sleep remedies that you will find easy to follow.. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    You cannot drink from an empty cup

    In my last post (you can read it here), I had highlighted the importance of self-care in terms of healing ourselves. In this post, I would like to delve deeper into this subject by answering the following questions. .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Take back the power to heal yourself (Part 1)

    Take back the power to heal yourself (Part 1) (This is the first of a three-part series of posts on self-care)

    When was the last time you felt that your health was completely in your hands?

    That you had the power to decide the outcome of your health goals?
    .... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    8 Ways to Use Up Leftover Rice - Zara Hat Ke

    Got some rice in the fridge from last night's supper? Try these delicious leftover rice recipes! The recipes are a little different from the ruin of the mill ones which we find ourselves doing to the left over rice. Enjoy making a fresh new meal of the left-over rice.  ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 Smart Hacks To Enjoy Travelling On A Low Budget

    Budget travel can be a fascinating experience through which you can not only see more places but also save a lot of money. Check out these smart tricks to make your travel more economical but fun nevertheless.. .. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Senior-Citizen Friendly Destinations Around The World

    When picking a place to travel to, keep a few things in mind - interesting things you want to see, the availability of public transport, and food preferences. While one is travelling for leisure, try and have an experiential holiday at that! This article brings you five places to choose to travel to if you are a senior citizen.. .. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 Meditation Apps to Help You Find Your Peace

    There's plenty of anecdotal evidence that meditation works… but, thanks in part to researchers from Johns Hopkins University, there's also scientific evidence for the practice itself. In conclusion: Mindfulness meditation programs could help improve levels of anxiety, depression and pain. Looking to get in touch with your inner zen but don't know where to begin? Check out five of the best meditation apps to try as presented. .. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Ways to Find Good Friends No Matter What Your Age

    Making good friends as you get older can be difficult. Trying to balance your personal life with work can leave you with limited time to get out and about. Worse still, the longer you leave it the more anxious you become about meeting new people. Take a look at some of the ideas presented in the article below. Explore them as you see fit. And by the time the next Friendship Day comes around may you have many more friends than you started out with. .. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 incredible health benefits of meditation

    Meditation has become quite a global phenomenon in the past couple of decades, as people from all parts of the world are getting aware of its many positive effects. Studies and surveys have shown that it is great for our overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This article below list out some specific areas where meditation can be really helpful... ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Families where cricket runs in the blood

    Cricket runs in the blood. It really is true for so many of us who enjoy the game and the pleasure of following cricket has been passed down the generations. But its even more interesting when we see the cricketing skills being passed on in the family across generations and shared across siblings. Take a look at some of the most famous cricket families across the cricket playing countries.. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Value for money international destinations from India

    Traveling abroad on a holiday always brings up this thought of how expensive overseas travel is. If that is something that bothers and you are looking at destinations that are much more value for money, the following articles offers 16 such destinations that Indians could benefit from.. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Marvelous Forts of India worth visiting

    India boasts a rich and colourful history that unfolds every time you visit a city that was once home to royalty-and in India, there are many. With such a glorious heritage it is no wonder that the well-preserved forts that are scattered around the country are primary tourist attractions amongst history buffs. Even if you are not a history buff, there is a strong case for including these marvelous forts as part of your travel plans. Get a feel of some of these forts in the article below. ..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 reasons to make Croatia part of your bucket list

    Croatia is on everyone’s mind. Their team’s performance in the World Cup ensured that. Here is a look at what a trip to that country holds out for you..... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Lip-smacking takeout menu with healthier homemade recipes

    There are a number of Indian dishes on the restaurants’ take out menus that look and taste awesome. It’s very tempting to order in those dishes often. But you are concerned about what goes into it and about how healthy (or unhealthy) it may be. So, why don’t you try making those same dishes at home without compromising on the taste hopefully. Check out the recipes in the article below.... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Quirkiest Post Offices in the World

    With so many of us replacing snail mail with email, post offices have become a more forgotten entity. But post offices have the world over stood for something reliable and dependable and as a strong sign of accessibility. The quirky post offices shown below only strengthen the above fact... .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    Tasty but healthy almond and walnut recipes

    Almonds and walnuts are healthy nuts and a number of us have handful every day. But there may be more interesting ways to consume the nuts feel two celebrity chefs. Check out the recipes in the article below which is based on almonds and walnuts.. .... . . .. . . . . . . ...Read More


    10 exciting monsoon destinations in India

    Traveling in the monsoons can be great fun in India. You must have a open mind, be prepared for a few snarls along the way and you will be rewarded with an awesome time. Check out the following destination recommendations which the author has put together. Have an enjoyable holiday. . ....... .. . ..Read More


    33 Stunning Places to Visit in Asia

    Asia is a tapestry of history, cultures, religions, vast landscapes, art and architecture. To help you figure out where to go, here are some of the top destinations. . ....... .. . ..Read More


    33 Stunning Places to Visit in Asia

    Asia is a tapestry of history, cultures, religions, vast landscapes, art and architecture. To help you figure out where to go, here are some of the top destinations. . ....... .. . ..Read More


    5 Habits That Can Speed Up Aging

    Aging is a natural process and something we have to be ready for as we grow older. However, we can be careful about not aging faster than we need to by being mindful of the habits mentioned in the article below... ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    5 Habits That Can Speed Up Aging

    Aging is a natural process and something we have to be ready for as we grow older. However, we can be careful about not aging faster than we need to by being mindful of the habits mentioned in the article below... ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Enjoy your Monsoons trying out these Unique Vada Recipes

    With the Monsoons upon us in India, it’s the time to enjoy one of our all-time favourite snacks – the Vada. It’s a most ubiquitous item and every state, region, area and family in India have their own unique vadas. Check out the recipes for selection of 10 unique vadas and make your monsoons more fun.... ... . . . . . . . . ...Read More


    Keep these simple tips in mind on your next trip to stay healthy

    Traveling can take a toll on your health, said Dr. Douglas Kaiden, medical director of Priority Private Care, an emergency care facility in New York City. “Flying and being in new destinations makes you vulnerable to all sorts of illness and injuries,” he said. “It’s extra important to be vigilant about your health when you’re on the road.” Before your next trip, consider his tips to stay healthy while you travel. ....... .. . ..Read More


    Keep these simple tips in mind on your next trip to stay healthy

    Traveling can take a toll on your health, said Dr. Douglas Kaiden, medical director of Priority Private Care, an emergency care facility in New York City. “Flying and being in new destinations makes you vulnerable to all sorts of illness and injuries,” he said. “It’s extra important to be vigilant about your health when you’re on the road.” Before your next trip, consider his tips to stay healthy while you travel. ....... .. . ..Read More


    Monsoons in India. Best places to visit

    It may be a little inconvenient to travel during the monsoons in India. But once you do get to the interesting monsoon destinations it will an awful experience for sure. Some of the best places that you can travel to to enjoy the monsoons are listed out in the article below. Happy monsoon holidays......... .. . ..Read More

    Monsoons in India. Best places to visit

    It may be a little inconvenient to travel during the monsoons in India. But once you do get to the interesting monsoon destinations it will an awful experience for sure. Some of the best places that you can travel to to enjoy the monsoons are listed out in the article below. Happy monsoon holidays......... .. . ..Read More

    5 things you can do to cure your smartphone addiction

    If you find yourself checking Instagram during a meal out with friends or scrolling through your Facebook feed in bed until you look up and realize it’s 2am, you may have an unhealthy relationship with your smartphone. Use these tips to outsmart the smartphone........ .. . ..Read More

    Easy to remember ways to improve your memory

    This is a constant battle most of us are having. Struggling to remember so many things that we need to, ranging from people’s names to our various passwords. The article below lists a few things we could do to help our memory along. Simple things and more importantly easy to remember....... .. . ..Read More

    Japan is an interesting place – check these facts

    The more you get to know about Japan the more there is still to know. Among the oldest civilizations it has one of the most cultured citizenries in the world. Still steeped in many of the ancient cultural traditions that marks Japan as quite a unique country. Here is a chance to bring up your knowledge quotient on Japan...... .. . ..Read More


    Check out what fruits can help you with your weight loss plan

    Losing weight is an eternal quest for many of us. Met with varying levels of success. The key to a good weight loss plan is know what to eat when which is as important as how much to eat. Here is looking at the role certain fruits can play in helping you with your weight loss plan..... .. . ..Read More


    How to be less forgetful

    Forgot that. Forgot this. This is a constant refrain with a number of us. It can create a lot of disturbance in us when forgetfulness becomes a norm. While aging is inevitable and may play a role in increasing forgetfulness, there may be ways to fight. It may be worth looking at the strategies suggested in the article below.... .. . ..Read More


    Keep yourself occupied meaningfully in retirement

    One of the challenges of retirement is that you may end up with way too much time on your hands. Its usually not a good thing as it could lead to boredom or even depression. The article below lists out a number of activities you could pursue in retirement to keep yourself occupied meaningfully.... .. . ..Read More


    7 Proven Health Benefits of Prayer

    Power of prayer. We do pray for the well being of our loved and ourselves. Even as we experience the effects of our prayers taking place, its interesting to know that research indicates a close association between prayer and benefits to our emotional, physical and mental health. The article below lists out 7 such health benefits... .. . ..Read More


    Explore India’s UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites

    India has always treasured its perennial glory when it comes to culture and history. From man-made marvels to natural wonders, the country offers a plethora of stunning sites that should be at the top of every travellers’ bucket list.

    Travelyaari, the leading online bus ticketing platform, shares an insight on the handpicked locations of top 10 world heritage sites listed by UNESCO.. .. . ..Read More


    Being happy is easier than you thought

    The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to boost your mood and put a smile on your face. In honor of International Day of Happiness — or any day when you just need a boost — try one of these ways to put your mind in a more pleasant place. They'll help you out when you're feeling less than chipper. .. . ..Read More


    Do you see yourself writing a living will?

    The Supreme Court of India very recently passed a landmark judgement on passive euthanasia. In the article below the author makes a strong case for writing a living will which could very well define how you choose to exit this world. Team RetyrSmart would love to hear from our readers about what they feel about passive euthanasia and a living will. .. . ..Read More


    6 things to focus on while buying travel insurance

    The temperatures have started to soar and many of you must be planning to holiday in cooler climes abroad. Amidst the fun and frolic, do not forget to pack a travel insurance policy. It covers you in unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, flight delays, baggage loss etc. While it is a mandatory requirement for certain countries, it’s advisable to acquire a good travel insurance for wherever you go. .. . ..Read More


    Nap away to a better life

    Most readers would take this as good news feels Team RetyrSmart. We all love our naps. What’s seen as an indulgence seems to come with a long list of benefits. So with the backing of scientific research go on and enjoy some extra sleep ... . ..Read More


    Explore these diet changes suggested by 5 dietitians

    In the article below 5 Dietitians suggest one significant change each that you could explore to make your nutrition quotient stronger than before. Team RetyrSmart feels eating healthy is important for everyone even more so as you grow older and would be happy if readers find any of these suggested changes useful to them ... . ..Read More


    Did you know all these fascinating things about Norway?

    How many of our readers would have thought of holidaying in Norway ? Team RetyrSmart would like our readers to know more about Norway through the article below. And see if Norway gets added to your bucket list ... . ..Read More


    Age is no limiting factor if you want to help others

    Let us be inspired by the great and selfless work being done by many of our fellow citizens even as they themselves embrace old age. Team RetyrSmart is happy to share this piece which lists out five such who are doing yeoman service in their golden years.

    Irrespective of age, these individuals continue to inspire and work for the betterment of the society, creating opportunities for others. ......Read More


    Find ways to save money to make online shopping more interesting

    While visiting an offline store still has its charm, there is something to be said about the ease and convenience of using your phone or computer to search for and buy something online, pay for it with a few clicks and have it delivered to you. Each shopping website, bank and wallet provider is trying to offer the best possible deal. Patanjali Somayaji, co-founder of the Walnut App, lists seven ways to save money when shopping online. . ......Read More


    Understanding the different types and styles of yoga

    There are so many different types of yoga out there, whether you want a more physically demanding class or an easy, relaxing, meditative class. With each style a bit different from the others, you'll find variations depending on the teacher. I recommend giving a few styles and teachers a try before settling on your favorite. Even if you're a seasoned yogi with a dedicated practice, flexibility and variation with any of the following styles could enhance your overall yoga experience and challenge you to break out of your comfort zone. ......Read More


    Want to look and feel younger? Try these foods

    With a lifestyle like ours, struggling to stay fit and eat healthy is a task most of us fail at almost every day. But what if we told you there are some magical foods that you can have to slow ageing and get a glowing skin? ......Read More


    Want to break a bad habit ? Check out these steps

    We all have habits we’d probably be better off without. Whether you bite your nails, smoke cigarettes, or want to improve your eating habits, it can be hard to know where to start and imagine what life would look like without this habit. Getting rid of the habits that have a negative effect on your life can seem like a daunting task. For me, my big bad habit was finally giving up smoking. I’d tried it multiple times over the years, using a variety of different techniques—patches, gum, going cold turkey, even hypnosis—only to be back at it the next time something stressful happened. . ......Read More


    Yoga can make you feel better in the long term

    Most of us would have dabbled with Yoga sometime or the other in our life. Many of us would have pursued it quite seriously with differing degrees of benefits accruing. Serious practitioners or otherwise, it may be useful to be reminded of the benefits of Yoga which the author of this article captures in a very simple manner. Team RetyrSmart tends to agree with the author that for all the benefits it offers, Yoga cannot be seen as a cure all and must be followed along with other healthy practices. . ......Read More


    Some tips to help keep dementia away

    Dementia is a sword dangling over any older person’s head. While everyone doesn’t get dementia as they get older, the fear still remains. Team RetyrSmart invites its readers to consider some things as enumerated in the article to try and keep dementia away.

    To prevent the risk of dementia in old age, here are eight lifestyle changing tips that can help in the long run. Although, research has not yet discovered a cure for dementia, changes in diet, exercise and daily routine can reduce the risk factors, reports . ......Read More


    Your Health Is In Your Hands

    Have you looked at your hands recently? They may have a story to tell you. A story about your health. Which may even serve as an early warning to you and/or your caregiver. Team RetyrSmart would like you, our reader, to pay attention to what your hands are telling you

    Our bodies give us an array of signals about our health, from our tongues to our toes. Let’s take a look at what your hands are telling you about your overall health. ......Read More


    Wondering why you are not adding new friends as you are growing older

    Blame it on social media. Unless you are a minor celebrity and have the requisite 5,000 friends on your personal page, you may just have a few hundred. Among those, the closest would probably be on speed dial on your phone and if you happen to be instagramming, their comments would be the most scathing and the most sarcastic. Why? Their special status as lifelong friends gives them carte blanche and they do not mince their words. Well, we wouldn’t take it from anybody else either! ......Read More


    Reducing your salt intake. What should you do?

    The two most prominent dietary risks for death and disability in the world are not eating enough fruit and eating too much salt. Eating too little fruit kills nearly five million people every year, and eating too much salt kills four million.

    There are three things we can do to lower our salt intake. First, don’t add salt at the table. One third of us add salt to our food before even tasting it! Second, stop adding salt while you’re cooking. At first, the food may taste bland, but within two to four weeks, “as the sensitivity of the salt taste receptors in the mouth become more sensitive to the taste of salt in the usual concentrations”—believe it or not—you may actually prefer the taste of food with less salt.. ... . ..Read More


    Get the Fried Taste but not the oil with these Air Fryer recipes

    Once upon a time, eating cleaner meant cutting back on hash browns, fried chicken, and doughnuts. And then came the air fryer.

    According to a Pinterest study, this nifty new appliance is going to be a big deal in 2018, thanks to a cooking method that swaps the vat of oil for a mechanical fan to keep traditionally deep-fried delicacies low (or even completely free) of grease. Looks like dreams really do come true for those of us who really (really) like fried food but hold ourselves back because, you know, trans fats/heart disease/etc. . ... . ..Read More


    Stuck in Traffic? Yoga to help you keep calm

    Morning snarls, rush hour traffic, and the pollution can weigh the best of us down, even before reaching the work place, drawing from our productivity. The result is, we reach work half tired, irritated and ready to unleash our wrath on the slightest provocation. But what if there were ways to retain the loss of energy and simple exercises that you can practice while stuck in a thick unrelenting traffic! Here are seven yoga exercises from yoga expert Kamlesh Barwal, author of the book, Log Off To Log In, that you can do right at your steering wheel to relax and find peace in the moment. ... . ..Read More


    If its July it must be Munnar ! Kerala Destinations by Month

    Kerala often figures in the must-see destinations for those outside the State and even abroad. This year, make it a point to indulge yourself in all things (and places) Kerala by allotting a weekend a month for one place. The highlight of 2018 is Munnar as the neelakurinji will be in full bloom by mid-year. It is true that the State is more or less a year-round destination but we have prepared a calendar for you with the help of travel enthusiasts to make it easier for you. Happy Journey!... . ..Read More


    Worrying May Come With Benefits

    For some people, worrying manifests in the form of problem-solving that spins out of control and leads to anxiety, insomnia, or even panic attacks. Interestingly, others see it as an important part of cognitive functioning.

    In medicine and psychology, a certain kind of patient is referred to as "the worried well." This expression describes someone who panics at the slightest ache or pain and floods the offices of physicians, acupuncturists, and naturopaths with their disastrous self-diagnosis and imagined catastrophic outcomes. Then there are the worriers who panic about being too late or too early, being held up at the grocery store, or immediately assume that "no news is bad news."... . ..Read More