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5 natural foods to rebuild your stamina

These foods can actually help up your energy levels. No need for any supplements. Just eat these to boost your stamina and feel energetic throughout the day. That's what the article below has to say to you. See if it works for you. Team RetyrSmart

5 natural foods to rebuild your stamina

Stress, fatigue, tiredness and lack of energy have become too common these days owing to our hectic lifestyles. This is impacting our physical, emotional, mental and sexual well-being. Here are some stamina-building foods you must regularly include in your diet if you want to feel energized throughout the day.

Beetroot and leafy vegetables

A study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that a daily dose of iron-rich beetroot juice significantly beat exercise intolerance, shortness of breath and fatigue and exertion. Leafy vegetables, too, provide you with iron and fibre that boost blood circulation throughout the body giving it oxygen supply needed to increase your stamina.


Each banana contains approximately 105 calories. Bananas instantly replenish low levels of glucose in the blood and also the minerals in your body because of high levels of magnesium and potassium in them. It is also good for enhancing male libido.


Fatty fish is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients which, among many of their other duties, help in metabolising fat. This helps the body maintain high energy levels. It is also rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and iodine which help the proper function of all the systems in the body thereby making it immune to diseases and keeping it fit and energetic.

Brown rice

Complex carbs like whole grain bread, brown rice, barley, nuts legumes etc are crucial to your daily diet. These are full of fibre and starch that help to keep you feeling full for longer by making the food digest slowly. This gives you more energy and stamina to carry out your work than say, simple carbs.


Proteins like chicken, eggs and pulses are great for muscle building, maintaining bone health, upping your immunity levels, relieving stress, boosting testosterone and energy levels. These also help you feel satiated for long helping you carry out your work without fatigue or physical stress..........